Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Comment of the day

FROM THE DAILY BEAST: When the guy leading the way falls down, you pick him up. What you don't do is stop, unzip your fly and piss all over him. How did the right wing react when Bush the Younger looked like he'd been drugged in that first debate with John Kerry? Did they run around screaming and rending their garments in despair? Did they amplify the bad debate performance by publicly excoriating Bush over and over and over again? Did they turn into pissy little bitches, willing to throw everything away in a fit of juvenile disappointment? No. They put their head down and kept fighting. As poorly as the President may have performed in that debate, far worse has been the narcissistic pouting from you and Jon Stewart and everybody else. Barack Obama is not now and never has been a savior. It is not his holy mission to rescue us from Mitt Romney and the GOP. We are the masters of our collective fate. We our the captains of our national soul. If we're willing to hand the wheel over to a guy spouting economic gibberish and a return to Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld foreign policy, it is not Barack Obama's fault because he gave a shitty debate performance. Democracy cannot survive if we must rely on someone to save us from ourselves.

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